‘The collective consciousness that Alfresco Disco harnesses goes way beyond the initial exclamation of what an incredible creation each party is. Words on lips pass through pubs, pre-parties are planned, and post-parties are penciled in. That extra effort to make sure the evening is fulfilled to the maximum means the anticipation around each main event has become colossal. The purity of the party is what continually astounds. You don’t create a party that sells out in a day, despite having no venue or big-name line-up, without throwing something a bit special. Over time the party has gained people’s trust. If people can buy into the fact that ‘this party will deliver on every level’ then it becomes a no-brainer in the consciousnesses of those folk who like their frolics with a large twist of surprise.


‘As the evening progressed you could see people’s involvement in the party grow and grow, from figures writhing in the ball-pool to naked bodies emerging from the Jacuzzi, to bodies covered in glitter moving away on the dancefloor. It’s a truly immersive evening and one that, despite lasting ten hours, leaves so much exploration at the punters’ fingertips it feels like it’s nowhere near enough.


‘Alfresco’s organisers hailed it as one of their best events so far, both from their own enjoyment of making it happen and the feedback they had back from punters. Crack’s brain is still submerged in an adult ball pool.’